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Angélica Itzel White:  I was born in Morelia, Michoacán, México.  I finished my professional studies in biochemical engineering in 2000.  I worked for the Pepsi company in the water quality department for about 2 years before leaving to study English abroad in Canada.  After experiencing life abroad in an immersion program for 6 months, I began to get involved in the teaching of Spanish as a second language in a full immersion school. After finishing my year-long training at the “Baden Powell Institute “in Morelia, I became a Spanish language teacher there and taught for 5 years.  During that time, I taught adults Spanish while also imparting some of my own cultural experience.   I also have my Spanish as a second language Teacher Certification by the UNAM (La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México).  After marrying and having my first child in Morelia, I decided to accompany my husband and live in the United States of America, his country of birth.  So, in 2010 we moved to state of Texas and our second child was born later that same year.  For me, the idea of continuing teaching never left my mind.  A few months after arriving in the U.S., and so as not to abandon my love of teaching of my native language, I began teaching Spanish to one of the priests and administrative personnel in a local Catholic church.  One year later, I was doing translations for their information bulletins.  My desire to teach became still greater and thanks to my collaboration with my business partner Heath Deen in the creation of “Bridge the Gap Spanish”, I began organizing and designing the curriculum in conjunction with my former school, Baden Powell Institute, thanks to whom with their years of experience and their internationally recognized certification, you can be assured that the program is of the utmost quality.   Now I live with my husband and two sons in Wimberley, Texas and have become an integral part of this project.  I have put in my knowledge and experience as a teacher in immersion programs and as a student in immersion programs to make Bridge the Gap Spanish a success for its students in achieving their own language goals.

One thought on “Conóceme/Know me *

  1. I want to learn Spanish. Do you do lessons for adults, (I am in Dripping) either classroom setting, small group, or private?


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