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Spanish is the most useful second language in the U.S. with 34 million speakers. Spanish is also a beautiful language.  According to Parents Magazine, learning a second language from a young age is better than attempting to learn one later in life.  “A child is born with the ability to learn any  language in the world,” explains Caryn Antonini, creator of Early Lingo (

Why do you have to choose our Spanish program ?

As a mom I know the importance of a quality education.  That is the reason that kids in our program will learn in a fun and enjoyable environment.

Kids’ attention is very easy to lose if they don’t feel that the knowledge is meaningful to them.  That is the reason the topics we use are ones that they can relate to, but still maintain an educational objective of incorporating a second language.


Private lessons $ 25/hr

Group lessons $15/ hour per kid (groups no more than 6 kids)

Check the “Summer Camp for Kids,

Making tortillas, click here to see some pictures, wait 3 seconds for each.



Learning a Christmas song is a good way to learn about another culture “ Canción de Navidad “